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The Soothing Scratch of Puliogare

March 13, 2012barnali 2 Comments »

Eating local is no new concept. How local could one get? I can hardly wait to share my experience about making something in my kitchen this morning. Something, which had a granted existence in its purple packets , on the ‘readymade powder and pastes’ aisles at Indian grocery stores. Little did I imagine that it [...]

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Potato: Insulted and Humiliated

March 8, 2012barnali 27 Comments »

Vitamin C and potato? Is it the hallucination of a couch-potato? Nay nay. Just back from a power-packed lunch and decided to pay a long-pending tribute to this universally loved (yet ill-reputed) vegetable. Potato, it is. It’s time it got justice . Its been wronged for too long a time. Its been blamed for weight [...]

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