The icing on the cake called global-warming

April 27, 2012barnali 1 Comment »

Do we need all that ice? Do we actually, truly need it?

A typical sound at any fast food eatery: the ice maker at work. People filling almost half their drink cups with those ice cubes. Thoughtlessly, mindlessly, needlessly. It has been that way , as if there is no other way to down those gallons of sodas. Why drink those ‘good-for nothing’ sodas in the first place? Well, thats beyond the scope of this post. Lets stick to ice.

I will not delve deep into too many figures about consumption of ice per day, the energy used (read wasted) in the process and so on. Rather ,would share a very informative article on the same, though, it reflects facts of the United States alone. Sadly enough, It is not limited to fast food chains. Wastage of ice is equally rampant at other restaurants, airplanes, parties ,offices and every where else, even at the regular households. I know many genuine earth-friendly people, who swear by ‘green’ products and lifestyle, but still let pints of ice go down their drains everyday.

All we need is awareness. The ability to relate everything to every other thing in life. At this juncture, where all of us are periled by scarcity of fuel, let us try our best to save some. If we all abandon ice on our drinks (most often it is few ounces of drink on a mountain of ice), we will not only save a whopping amount of fuel, but also a whole bunch of other related stuff; water, health, money. If we all shun ice on drinks, our children will do the same and we will have a new generation of responsible and thoughtful people.

A great way indeed to save mother earth, preserve resources, raise sound citizens for tomorrow. Why not?

Click here for a  A good reference  on this topic.

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