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May 30, 2012barnali 1 Comment »

At last, the long pending eulogy to my favorite market for the past (nearly) half decade. Before I saw Pike Place Market , I never imagined there could be a marketplace of its kind. For anybody grown up in urban India, a marketplace is another name for mayhem. Not that Pike Place is a noiseless spot for meditation though ! Pike has its rightful share of a typical market-like commotion, made frivolous with a water-front view and lots of fresh air. When I walked into this place for the first time, the suspicious market-phobic in me was reluctant to affiliate Pike to anything fun. And then, as I emerged two hours later, I was in love with it.

The fresh produce stalls were such a welcome break to those eyes; sore from seeing the picture-perfect supermarket fruit aisles. The handmade pickled items and jams would anyday outsmart their factory-made cousins. The prize goes to seafood though. Such breathtaking varieties of wild caught fish, delivered just the way you would want. Growing up in another port city , fish has been such a way of life. I was thrilled to discover a real ‘fish-market’ , where happy fishmongers sing loud while they fillet, clean or steak your fish. An added advantage, they wear aprons and gloves ! Over the years , Pike place has become pricier in order to sell sustainable Seafood . A true gastronomic would not mind paying the difference in cost, because it’s so many more times better than farm raised mercury-laden seafood imported from foreign countries.

Did I mention the music? Pike is not quite Pike without those crazy guitarists and vocalists shaking their heads away at their own melody.

Hard to find such a lively place packed with energy. When I move away from Seattle , this will be missed the most .


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