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February 28, 2010barnali 2 Comments »

The city that never stops singing. The city that keeps biking, hiking, canoeing and kayaking. The city where the aromas of barbeque fill the air in summer. The city with sunshine almost everyday. Am I talking about some picnic haven? Well, we could give it a name.  Austin, that is.

It is just the perfect place for people who love to live life the easy way. There is hardly anything serious or hard or gloomy about the life in Austin. Health, joy and goodwill seem to overflow everywhere.  Live music is so common; it’s almost a way of life. Not many towns in the United States have such a musical history. The number of live bands performing anytime is overwhelming, enough for a visitor to be dazzled on his/her first visit and wanting to be coming back for more. It’s genuinely the ‘live music capital of the world’, and music seems to flow in the daily life of the dwellers, be it old settlers or new arrivers. No wonder the city houses a great number of healthiest people in the country!

I have a dozen friends living in the city for quite some time. Apart from their work and sleep, they always seem to be hanging out, either running or biking or kayaking in the Zilker Park Lake. It’s a blessing to be able to be in a city with so many fun options for outdoor activities, especially for people who find gyms and spas to be mere confinements devoid of excitement.

Coming to gastronomy, southern food is a signature of Austin. Not to mention the barbeque culture, people find their olfactory and gustatory ‘nirvana’  in them. Barbeque is not just an important business in the city; it’s a ‘frame of mind’. Barbeque and country music have such inseparable cultural ties, the savory wood smoke on tender meat and music make such a well aligned platter.

I strongly believe the city’s high ‘sun’ quotient works like magic for its throbbing lively beat. If one doesn’t mind the sweat and heat of summer, there is so much pleasure and relish about the city. It may not be a top-ranker among the tourist destinations or it may not be the foremost industrial and financial seat, but people certainly have time to smell the roses.

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