Pike will be Pike

May 30, 2012barnali 1 Comment »

At last, the long pending eulogy to my favorite market for the past (nearly) half decade. Before I saw Pike Place Market , I never imagined there could be a marketplace of its kind. For anybody grown up in urban India, a marketplace is another name for mayhem. Not that Pike Place is a noiseless [...]

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The Soothing Scratch of Puliogare

March 13, 2012barnali 2 Comments »

Eating local is no new concept. How local could one get? I can hardly wait to share my experience about making something in my kitchen this morning. Something, which had a granted existence in its purple packets , on the ‘readymade powder and pastes’ aisles at Indian grocery stores. Little did I imagine that it [...]

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Potato: Insulted and Humiliated

March 8, 2012barnali 27 Comments »

Vitamin C and potato? Is it the hallucination of a couch-potato? Nay nay. Just back from a power-packed lunch and decided to pay a long-pending tribute to this universally loved (yet ill-reputed) vegetable. Potato, it is. It’s time it got justice . Its been wronged for too long a time. Its been blamed for weight [...]

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The icing on the cake called global-warming

April 27, 2012barnali 1 Comment »

Do we need all that ice? Do we actually, truly need it? A typical sound at any fast food eatery: the ice maker at work. People filling almost half their drink cups with those ice cubes. Thoughtlessly, mindlessly, needlessly. It has been that way , as if there is no other way to down those [...]

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You are the master of your brain

July 12, 2011barnali 227 Comments »

Nothing is impossible. The book I am reading right now;” The Brain that Changes Itself” is surely life-changing .Each chapter describes the power of the brain as experienced by people of different walks of life  . I am astounded all over again by the possibilities of this 3 lb mass sitting inside our skull. Its [...]

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Water these down

March 23, 2011barnali 12 Comments »

Yesterday it was the World Water Day. The doctor in me stirs today . Need to let my friends know, what water can do for you. To keep it simple, Drink water when you : Wake up every hour since you wake up when you feel tired when you are thirsty Use water as a [...]

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Austin Economics

May 4, 2010barnali 349 Comments »

Are you a prospective property buyer in Austin in the near future? You might be paying the highest property tax the city could opt for. Well, not as bad as it sounds though. The city is trying hard to strike a financial balance after the recent economic catastrophe in the US. In fact it is [...]

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Awesome Austin!!

February 28, 2010barnali 2 Comments »

The city that never stops singing. The city that keeps biking, hiking, canoeing and kayaking. The city where the aromas of barbeque fill the air in summer. The city with sunshine almost everyday. Am I talking about some picnic haven? Well, we could give it a name.  Austin, that is. It is just the perfect [...]

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