I am a bookworm

The young boy in ‘Drishti Pradeep’ , so mature and wise for his age, whose perception of the world awed me when I was 9. His creator Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay was very close to my heart since then. Its ages I have read a novel of his, but the memories of my childhood days spent reading is ever fresh in my mind. Saratchandra ( Chattopadhyay) had a great role to play in shaping my mind too. My adolescence marked the beginning of my exploration of Rabindranath (Tagore) .

I don’t remember a day when I have gone to bed without reading something outside my curriculum. My appetite for readingĀ  is unending , even till this day. Its a cosmic coincidence, I was born in the part of India which produced many prime poets and literateurs of the world. Being brought up in a literary and scientific surrounding, there were stimuli enough to mould the young mind in a balanced, yet rich manner. Eons have gone by, situations have changed, interests have evolved, yet a Book is still my best friend.

Books I have read in the recent past, and would like to add to my own library:

  • Nutritional Neuroscience